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We complete every transaction with extra care as customer need.

We make use of various coins so we seek great deal of supply daily.

Therefore, we have found a way to do business with people who have coins and other coins and offer good rates for it which makes the profit mututal for each and every one.

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People who cheat are shortsighted businessmen. We can make good profits from dealing honestly with you and have you introduce other people to us, so we have no need to cheat and cut short great business partners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most customers ask common questions so these are some of the most questions you may want to ask.

How can I trade here?

Click here to message us on Whatsapp. We will reply almost immediately and discuss the trade and rate.

How can I get my payment?

We pay in naira, cedis and rmb. Nigerian payment, Ghana cedis and Chinese RMB generally. We will update if other payments are allowed.

How fast is transaction?

Transactions typically take less than 10 minutes.

What coin can I sell?

We buy almost every coin. Just contact us for details on price.


Our Objectives
  • One

    Our Strategy
    Our strategy focuses on solutions "to help our customers make better profits." Our strategy statement idealizes the same goal: To entize cutomers with amazing rates that lure them away from their previous buyers to trade with us, then eventually make them fall in love with our deals.
  • Two

    Our Mission
    For every organization, the mission is profit-making. But we look beyond that as we do not place profit-making as top priority, we give every customer equal representation and strive towards a happy customer base.